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Compresses digital music in its own lossless format
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Turns raw audio footage into a lossless format called APE while maintaining the file's original sound quality and decompresses APE files into their original form.

Monkey's Audio is a program developed by Matthew Ashland, designed to compress, decompress, and convert WAV files.
The installation process is simple and fast while the program occupies a ridiculous small disk space. The user interface is very outdated, with the button icons lacking quality and the main panel that looks made in Paint. Though the program interface is far from impressive, it compensates with the easiness of navigation through configuration procedures.

I'd say that the program features are simple and efficient, users enjoying fast and great compression. After the compression and decompression tests, I didn't notice any loss of sound quality, which is quite remarkable for an independent software solution. It incorporates redundant CRC's to ensure that errors never go unnoticed, and tagging support is extremely flexible so you can easily manage and catalog your collection.

The WAV tracks can be compressed at various speeds from normal to extra high, or insane, and the supported compression formats are APE, SHN (Shorten), WV (Wavpack), RKA (Rkau), MPE (Lame),.MP+ (Mp+ decoder) and Ogg. Also, you can create, edit and remove tags for APE and MP3 files.

In the end, I'd say that Monkey's Audio is a simple and effective tool, and though it may not have a modern interface, it does the job.

John Saunders
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  • Has fast compression rates
  • Supports popular players and rippers
  • Preserves the sound quality of compressed and decompressed files


  • Has an outdated user interface
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