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Monkey's Audio 4.0

Compress and decompress our audio files and convert them to and from *.ape
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Monkey's Audio 4.01 beta 2 is open source software we can quick download and install this utility to get its full benefits. Only the program interface is beta. We can use Monkey's Audio to compress and decompress our digital audio or data files and convert them to and from *.ape format. No matter how high or low our knowledge is, after reading the user’s guide we can proceed to select a wav file in the interface and start compressing it to ape. Alternatively, we can select a ape file and decompress it to wav. The process is very quick. This tool is very useful when we need to make a backup of our audio collections. It does the compression without any lost of sound quality and the resulting file is half the size of the original one. If there is any error while converting the program notifies us. In case we want to restore it from ape to the original format the program provides an exact copy of it, same size and all. There is a forum at the website of the developers called Monkey's Audio Forum as well as a FAQ section, where we can get support. This version supports Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP Operating Systems.

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